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The Book - Jam Jar Army

The Book

“A Year of Doing Good” is published by Viking Penguin in January 2013.  

One Woman.

One New Year’s Resolution.

365 good deeds.

Surely it can’t be that hard  to do a good deed a day?

After all, that way she might get to be a better person.

To this end, Judith O’Reilly launched a campaign to persuade people to “Join the Jam Jar Army” – and fill empty jam jars with loose change for charity. A classic “nudge” to increase philanthropy, domesticating and enabling it. (She also emptied mousetraps, bought a stranger Steradent, and worked in a charity shop.)

“Doing good” is deeply embedded spiritually and culturally in our society from the cub scouts to the Wizard of Oz, from the Bible to Sikhism. How to better oneself is always of interest to anyone who isn’t perfect – which is everyone. Unrelenting virtue would make for a dull book. Struggling to be virtuous when you are very definitely not, is much more interesting.

In between doing good, Judith has resented the calls on her time, and there is also a real chance her nearest and dearest started avoiding her for fear of more good deeds coming their way. 365 good deeds later – is she a better person? Read the book and find out.

She is represented by Patrick Walsh at Conville and Walsh