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Tourism - Jam Jar Army


Cottages or hotels willing to put out jam jars in rooms may wish to include a letter of explanation to guests, please feel free to use this and tweak accordingly. 

hotels should delete “When you explore…” to “…delights” and insert “In your room”

Dear Visitors,

First of all – welcome to Northumberland. We hope you have a fantastic stay in our beautiful and historic county.

When you explore your cottage, among its many delights  you will find an empty jam jar. “An empty jam jar?” you may think. “What use is that to me?”  It’s there because we want you to feel part of our Northumberland life. Across the county, we have an on-going fundraising campaign in schools and shops and cafes and hotels with posters and jam jars pretty much everywhere. One of the Jam Jar Army’s key supporters is (insert name of hotel or cottage company.)

Backed by the local paper, the Northumberland Gazette, we have set out to raise £10,000 for the local Youth Theatre based at Alnwick Playhouse. But to let you into a little secret – we don’t have many people living in Northumberland, and frankly we need your help too.

We are filling our jam jars with loose change – the copper and silver that clutters up our bags and pockets but is never enough to buy anything, and we would very much welcome you joining in with us.

In return for joining our campaign, you get to feel good about yourself for pennies (because it’s a well-known fact that the act of giving lights up the brain in the same way as the act of receiving.) Moreover, you should know that you’re also making a real difference to the children of our community.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday. Welcome to our Northumberland family.

Let’s get jammy together.

Judith O’Reilly