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Jam Jar Army - The Jam Jar Army is a new way of giving!

Join the Jam Jar Army

” The Jam Jar Army is a new way of giving. When I was growing up there was a poor box in our house, and we filled it with coppers. Not policemen. They wouldn’t fit. But coins. Good idea huh? Most of us don’t have a poor box anymore – but we do have a jam jar. So, why not join us –  empty your pockets and fill a jam jar with change

It’s simple.

*Eat the jam (that bit is quite important).

*When the jar is empty and clean (that’s not as important but it’s probably better that way), fill it with all those coins you don’t really want cluttering your pockets and your handbag and your house.

With the support of the Northumberland Gazette we  launched the Jam Jar Army in Northumberland, where the first collection raised £12,868 for Hospice Care North Northumberland.  We are currently attempting to raise funds for the Alnwick Playhouse Youth Theatre which serves the kids across North Northumberland. So far through the Jam Jar Army, the kids in the youth theatre have raised more than £10,382 for themselves – a great achievement, and a credit to the generosity of our community.

If you live outside Northumberland and want to join the Jam Jar Army, we are happy to have you. Please fill your jar and give it to a good cause – any good cause will do –  and please let us know how much you raised and which charity you donated to. Elsewhere in the UK, the Jam Jar Army has been used to raise £800 in aid of Humber Rescue, £400 for London’s homeless and £240 for Derwentside Mind. (That is a national total of £24,690 for five good causes.)

One of the best things about what we are doing is you can fill your jam jar again. And again. All in your own time – either for the nominated charity or for a charity of your choice.

Join the Jam Jar Army and

*you give money you won’t miss

*you give at a time you can afford

*you get to feel good about yourself for pennies (it’s a well-known fact that the act of giving lights up the brain in exactly the same way as the act of receiving.)

*it’s green too.

Forget the old excuse “I gave at the office”. You can tell them “I gave at home” and mean it. And as those pennies fill that jar, know you’re making a difference.

Together we can make this a habit. A habit of giving.

Let’s get jammy.”

Judith O’Reilly